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  1. Similar in theme to the G . I . Joe line of toys manufactured by Hasbro, Action Jackson came in three varieties : two Caucasian models, one with a beard and one without; and one African-American model with no beard.
  2. When Justice Strauss stops commenting in sentences, the Baudelaires get suspicious and remove their blindfolds to discover that the other justices are Olaf's villainous associates : the man with a beard but no hair, and the woman with hair but no beard.
  3. The volunteers must be at least 16 years old, undergo a criminal background check and adhere to the same rules that govern Astroworld employees : no fingernail polish, no beards except if the wearer has a medical condition and no multiple earrings.
  4. The first version had the head of the first G . I . Joe dolls with flocked hair, beard and no beard, and was available from 1976 to 1979 . Later, the Eagle-Eye head mold with fixed eyes was released in Spain only.
  5. It was unsafe for any Jew to witness the burning; nevertheless one Jew, Leiser Zhiskes, who had no beard, went among the crowd and succeeded by bribery in securing some of the ashes of the martyr, which were later buried in the Jewish cemetery.
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