no beard in a sentence

"no beard" in Chinese  
  1. No beards or other " Islamic characteristics ."
  2. This Hercules looked different from the other DC interpretations-he had long black hair and no beard.
  3. At that time, I had no beard,
  4. He had no beard or mustache, and I was glad, for it gave him a clean appearance.
  5. He has short hair and no beard.
  6. It's difficult to find no beard in a sentence.
  7. Here's a sampling : No beards.
  8. Prior to a plant visit, employees are sent home to shave so there are no beards in Mark's presence.
  9. One side had long hair and a long beard and the other side was totally bald with no beard.
  10. Sammy Toro's appearance immediately after the crime is important, said Hrones, because witnesses testified that Downey's killer had no beard.
  11. European hussars traditionally wore long moustaches ( but no beards ) and long hair, with two queue at the back.
  12. This is unusual among a generation where the males have short hair and no beards, and the females shave absolutely everything.
  13. Upon the foot are four carved male heads, two with pageboy haircuts and no beard and two with center parting and beard.
  14. In this version, however, the arms did contain hands and fingers and the creature was pale with no beard and had no horn.
  15. Salah wears a tie and no beard, greeting visitors from behind a desk whose most prominent picture shows his father meeting Pope John Paul II.
  16. Lindh, familiar to Americans from television images in Afghanistan, with a long hair and a full scraggly beard, had his hair shaved close and no beard.
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