no battery in a sentence

"no battery" in Chinese  
  1. Even the seemingly mysterious Etch A Sketch has no batteries, loose parts or bells and whistles.
  2. No batteries, no electricity, and " petal massagers " to stimulate milk flow.
  3. Even a bunny with cymbals and remote-controlled tanks, but no batteries to run them.
  4. There are no batteries, wires, or chargers to monitor, tend to, or replace.
  5. The reflector is passive meaning it has no batteries and it never has to be switched on.
  6. It's difficult to find no battery in a sentence.
  7. Jaffa takes out Nikki's other phone, only to see that it has no battery.
  8. The Lumatec Flash Again weighs little because it has no batteries; it recharges in an automobile cigarette lighter.
  9. First hitch : no battery caps to remove, it's a sealed, maintenance-free battery.
  10. Additionally, data safety suffers if there is no battery backup to finish writes interrupted by a power outage.
  11. It is connected to the house power supply so it's not saying there's no battery.
  12. It was the abacus, a remarkable calculating device, easy to carry and with no battery-life problems.
  13. The stretchy mesh device looks like fishnet hose but acts like support stockings and requires no batteries or moving parts.
  14. And there is no battery technology today that makes an electric car competitive with a gas car, Trotman points out.
  15. Reich said the keyboard required no batteries or cables, and runs off of the Palm's own battery supply.
  16. Hage also said the case has been overblown because the handgun was not loaded and the stun guns had no batteries.
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