no battery in a sentence

"no battery" in Chinese  
  1. No batteries needed, but some assembly required.
  2. The keyboard has no batteries of its own.
  3. No batteries or external power sources are required.
  4. What he did not realize is that there were no batteries in the box.
  5. The circuit has no battery; it is energized by the radio signal itself.
  6. It's difficult to find no battery in a sentence.
  7. "There's no batteries.
  8. There were no batteries to be found.
  9. It was not plugged into the wall, and there were no batteries in it.
  10. It has a rigid rear suspension, and a magneto; there is no battery.
  11. Power comes from USB port of PC so no batteries or power leads are required.
  12. No batteries, no wires to break, no electronic crashes, just good old communication.
  13. It's made of durable glass-filled polycarbonate and aluminum and requires no batteries.
  14. Unlike cooling fans, Chiu said, the system runs silently and uses no battery power.
  15. It becomes clear when you see so many fires and either no detector or no batteries.
  16. It took no battery of medical tests to diagnose her with a severe bout of nerves.
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