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  1. That reflects an increase in plans for multi-family projects.
  2. Another F5 advantage is the Multi-Cam 1300 Autofocus Sensor.
  3. This is the GREATEST multi-level mail order marketing anywhere!
  4. The ship apparentlylost power and hit the multi-tiered mall.
  5. Cross-promotion is the philosophy of multi-channel ownership,
  6. It's difficult to find multi in a sentence.
  7. Will DVDs have the same multi-media potential as CDs?
  8. Construction of multi-family buildings fell 12.2 percent.
  9. It was multi-ethnic, progressive and an undiscovered borough.
  10. This is a family car for the multi-income family.
  11. Dodi Fayed was a multi-millionaire in his own right.
  12. In the multi-car garages of our very spacious homes.
  13. "We're multi-issue oriented,"
  14. It was a small center in a multi-center study,
  15. I was hoping they would come with a multi-year.
  16. The multi-adjustable power seat proved comfortable on the trip.
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