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  1. Hundemer uses a truncated cylinder that represents an average child's mouth and throat.
  2. Q : What is known about mouth and throat cancer from smoking cigars and pipes?
  3. Smallpox virus causes ugly pustules both on the skin and inside the mouth and throat.
  4. Smallpox localizes in small blood vessels of the skin and in the mouth and throat.
  5. Furthermore, swabbing of the mouth and throat areas to remove necrotic tissues is common.
  6. It's difficult to find mouth and throat in a sentence.
  7. The most common adverse effect of reslizumab was oropharyngeal ( mouth and throat ) pain.
  8. These include a burning sensation in mouth and throat, abdominal pain, purging and bloody diarrhea.
  9. And in addition to lung disease and cancer, cigars can cause cancers of the mouth and throat.
  10. Mouth and throat exposure is characterized by pain and blood tinged with saliva and sputum . . ..
  11. Losing Half Your Face to Mouth and Throat Cancer Is Not a Good Way to Pick Up Chicks.
  12. Mild cases show mouth and throat symptoms while in severe cases central nervous system signs are always present.
  13. Using smokeless tobacco has been shown to cause cancers of the mouth and throat and contribute to periodontal disease.
  14. He said the monkeys will be infected with SARS by injection, drops in their mouths and throat spray.
  15. Malnourished children also typically have more potentially pathogenic gut flora, and more yeast in their mouths and throats.
  16. Short-term adverse effects reported most often were mouth and throat irritation, dry cough, and nausea.
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