mouth almighty in a sentence

  1. Fish species that are present in Lake Argyle include barramundi, southern saratoga, archer fish, forktail cat fish, mouth almighty, long tom, bony bream and sleepy cod . other experts disagree.
  2. She recorded " Selected Stories from Chicana Falsa " for Mouth Almighty Records, and was selected by The Getty Research Institute and Poetry Society of America to have her poetry placed on MTA buses throughout Los Angeles County.
  3. While the city's poetry hots spots are traditionally Greenwich Village and, more recently, the Lower East Side, Mouth Almighty operates out of a third-floor office in a nondescript building two blocks off the Hudson River.
  4. His first volume of poetry, " Seventh Octave, " ( Moore Black Press ) has hit the stores, and he has recordings of his spoken-word performances on Mouth Almighty / Mercury Records and Ninja Tunes Rawkus Records.
  5. This musical interlude is not as much of a stretch as it might at first appear, said Bill Adler, the former head of Mouth Almighty Records, a defunct label that produced spoken-word artists for Mercury Records and Polygram Records.
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  7. A total of 27 species of fish have been found in the river, including the glassfish, Pacific Short-finned Eel, blue catfish, milkfish, Fly-specked hardyhead, mouth almighty, Empire gudgeon, Seven-spot Archerfish.
  8. The five-part television series, shown recently on PBS, has spun off a jazzy coffee-table book of poems and photographs published by Harry N . Abrams and a 57-minute condensed soundtrack album ( Mouth Almighty / Mercury Records ) of words and music
  9. "Master P fits into the tradition of every seat-of-the-pants entrepreneur who's ever worked in the rock-' n'- roll and R-and-B business, " said Bill Adler, a rap industry veteran and former music critic who runs the label Mouth Almighty / Mercury.
  10. A total of 31 species of fish are found in the creek, including the glassfish, Pacific Short-finned Eel, kabuna hardyhead, treadfin silver biddy, mouth almighty, concave goby, coal grunter, barramundi, oxeye herring, mangrove jack, eastern rainbowfish, Obbe's catfish, Spotted Blue-eye and Gulf Saratoga.
  11. What Mouth Almighty's selling is " The United States of Poetry, " a compact disc that mingles spoken word performances by well-known performers such as Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed and Amiri Baraka with more obscure work and a sampling of " found poetry " _ the chants of marching soldiers, a team of cheerleaders.
  12. Willner, the man widely credited with _ or, in some circles, accused of _ starting the concept of the " tribute album, " recently released his latest piece of homage : " Closed on Account of Rabies : Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, " a two-CD compilation ( Mercury / / Mouth Almighty Records ).
  13. In the summer of 1995, Adler and Holman and their associates on New York's spoken word scene were the subject of an article in " The New Yorker " by Henry Louis Gates Jr . In 1998, Adler founded Mouth Almighty Books to publish Beau Sia's " A Night Without Armor II : The Revenge, " a parody of a book of poetry by Jewel entitled " A Night Without Armor ."
  14. Two tracks from the original 2-LP set were not included on the CD : William S . Burroughs'" The Do Rights " ( later included on Mouth Almighty's 1998 compilation box set " The Best of William S . Burroughs from Giorno Poetry Systems " ) and John Giorno's " excerpt from Put Your Ear to Stone & Open Your Heart to the Sky, " which is not included in any later release.
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