mouth agape in a sentence

  1. Guards pour water from pitchers into mouths agape on the other side of the bars.
  2. A humongous stuffed striped bass with mouth agape hangs, yellowing, over the door.
  3. Foreign tourists, their mouths agape in surprise, watched the protests and their suppression.
  4. "You're Ben McPhee ? " one boy asked, mouth agape.
  5. They flew from the water, mouths agape, the sunlight gleaming on their iridescent flanks.
  6. It's difficult to find mouth agape in a sentence.
  7. Workers pounded away on the bunkhouse as we stood, mouths agape, inspecting our accommodations.
  8. Everybody on our bench came off and to the rail, standing there with mouths agape,
  9. I stood with my mouth agape.
  10. With teary eyes and mouth agape she looks to the heavens, hands clasped in prayer.
  11. Everyone is mouth agape right now.
  12. I'm sitting here, mouth agape at this incredible ( postseason ) run ."
  13. Giulio stands staring with mouth agape.
  14. Kaufman said the spontaneous descent on Bethel left Times editors and everyone else with their mouths agape.
  15. They died wearing the standard prison stripes, lying in grotesque positions, many with mouths agape.
  16. Others in the stands stare, mouths agape, filling out a tableau of joy and disbelief.
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