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  1. See Motor Carrier Act of 1980, 94 Stat . 793.
  2. I became kind of a hermit in that little motor home.
  3. "Runt's motor just ran great,"
  4. Confused customers asked one another about other nearby motor vehicle offices.
  5. I spoke only to the two men on the motor scooter,
  6. It's difficult to find motor in a sentence.
  7. Lacking motor neurons to power them, the muscles rapidly wither.
  8. The defendants said American Honda Motor Co . condoned their behavior.
  9. Notable exceptions are Ford Motor Co . and Daihatsu Motor Co.
  10. Notable exceptions are Ford Motor Co . and Daihatsu Motor Co.
  11. Welcome to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the heartbeat of racing America.
  12. Neither Siam Motors, Siam Yamaha nor KPN is publicly traded.
  13. And maybe we could interest General Motors in sponsoring the stars.
  14. Hyundai Motor shares closed down 300 won at 47, 300.
  15. Sort of like a car that will run with different motors.
  16. Toyota Motor Corp . announced a similar plan early last month.
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