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  1. Wireless networks within the home link the various monitoring devices to a broadband Internet connection.
  2. The 19-month investigation used electronic monitoring devices and undercover detectives who posed as accident victims.
  3. People using home blood pressure monitoring devices are increasingly also using blood pressure charting software.
  4. The youth smashed the monitoring device with a hammer and ruined its tape, Kaye said.
  5. IN THE LAB : Simpler Monitoring Device for Diabetics
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  7. Ling : Install speed monitoring device, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT
  8. AC surge suppression will not stop this problem so a power monitoring device will work.
  9. Stokes will be fitted with an electronic monitoring device.
  10. The act required the FAA to develop and test anti-terrorist monitoring devices within three years.
  11. Monitoring devices are routinely placed in tents, campsite lavatories and underground utility vaults, he said.
  12. Some network taps offer both duplication of network traffic for monitoring devices and SNMP services.
  13. His vessel is named for a diabetes monitoring device made by Bayer Diagnostics, his principle sponsor.
  14. Spicer will also have to wear an electronic monitoring device around his ankle for 180 days.
  15. There is no point installing the speed monitoring device as it is too costly and ineffective.
  16. She tells Peter she wants her monitoring device gone but he has trouble getting it approved.
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