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  1. Syremont said it will design sophisticated monitoring devices and security systems.
  2. They sing a few bars and one of the monitoring devices picks something up.
  3. They were to wear electronic monitoring devices and were free to walk around Annecy.
  4. To detect blackout flame monitoring devices are installed, with subsequent interlocked purge and startup.
  5. Rizzo was required to turn in his passport and wear an electronic monitoring device.
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  7. And they have not installed monitoring devices in their planes.
  8. The extermination company uses a monitoring device to check that all pockets have dissipated.
  9. Some facilities were fined and new monitoring devices were installed.
  10. Now, I want to apply that algorithm to the field of medical monitoring devices.
  11. Would authorize judges to require use of electronic monitoring devices.
  12. Both men have been free on bail although Friedlander wears an electronic monitoring device.
  13. In both cities, the early indications are that the monitoring devices do deter crime.
  14. Video servers are essentially transmission / telemetry / monitoring devices.
  15. She was required to wear an electronic monitoring device.
  16. Monitoring devices called stilling wells are sheltered tubes linked to the water with several inlets.
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