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  • vt.,vi.
    (mistook; mistaken ) 弄错;误会,想错;看错;误解。 He mistook that stick for a snake. 他把那根棍子错看成蛇了。 She has mistaken me. 她误会了我的话了。n.
    错误,过失,事故;想错,看错;误会,误解。 There is no mistaking. 没错。 There is no mistake about it. 那是确实无误的。 and no mistake 〔口语〕(加+More...
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  1. We tend to make mistakes when we do things in a hurry .
  2. I was conscious that i had made a mistake .
  3. There are so many mistakes that i cannot count them .
  4. We weren't going to make that mistake twice .
  5. He seems to have mistaken a plus for a minus .

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