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  1. The preferred method of extraction in those days was stamp milling.
  2. During the milling, preservation, packaging and labelling and transportation.
  3. It is used to perform open hole drilling and milling operations.
  4. I'd start out reading about casting and CNC milling.
  5. Foston Beck provided a source of water for milling for centuries.
  6. It's difficult to find milling in a sentence.
  7. The Minnetonka Mills Company had a short but productive milling career.
  8. It is used for milling ore and as an oil mill.
  9. The principal economic activities are agriculture and milling and processing wood.
  10. Boiler 8 produces steam during the milling process by burning bagasse.
  11. The Norris family also had an interest in Maple Leaf Milling.
  12. The tooling used for thread milling can be solid or indexable.
  13. The site of a portable milling operation is in the area.
  14. Harry Lindsay was president of the Norman Grain and Milling Company.
  15. The company is the second biggest flour milling company in Mongolia.
  16. It was in continuous milling operation until mid-April 1954.
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