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  1. Some people in the milling crowds threw beer cans and bottles.
  2. Producers and milling companies believe the Atkins approach is the culprit.
  3. Thus pantograph milling machines are largely a thing of the past.
  4. The Lacey Milling Company was still operating in Hanford in 2016.
  5. A canning factory and milling company were also located in Kempton.
  6. It's difficult to find milling in a sentence.
  7. Thief River Falls first developed as a lumber-milling town.
  8. This determines the energy inputs required to run a milling operation.
  9. Drilling and milling uses rotating multiple-cutting-edge tools.
  10. Bridge End Mill was converted from corn milling to cotton spinning.
  11. The Davis Milling Company was renamed Aunt Jemima Mills in 1913.
  12. An important part of Julianstown heritage is the history of milling.
  13. The threaded style is essential for any sideloading, particularly milling.
  14. Milling at Bathpool in the River Tone had a chequered history.
  15. In 1835 the 3rd storey was added and corn milling began.
  16. During the Second World War it again undertook some corn milling.
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