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  1. Further milling of brown rice creates white rice or polished rice.
  2. Victorias Milling lost 5.1 percent to 7.50.
  3. Milling sector stocks were mixed, two declining and three gaining.
  4. Forget Grand Central as metaphor for milling, dashing New York.
  5. We noticed there were people on the other side milling around.
  6. It's difficult to find milling in a sentence.
  7. Kara Milling had 17 kills, 14 digs and five blocks.
  8. The large kernels of Arborio also tend to break in milling.
  9. Inside, assistants are milling about, contemplating the packing job.
  10. Drivers are milling around, checking their rigs one last time.
  11. A dozen sheep milling about the barn are kept for wool.
  12. Milling youths declared themselves part of Hebron's liberation army.
  13. Demonstrators blew whistles and were milling around in a party atmosphere.
  14. A variation in milling methods distinguishes the Indian product as superior.
  15. Milling did not immediately return calls placed to his office Thursday.
  16. Millings died Sept . 20 in London, his family said.
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