merely in a sentence

"merely" meaning  "merely" in Chinese  
  1. Junking cars merely because they're old misses the target.
  2. They say they merely are questioning the action of individual officers.
  3. The column merely tried to analyze whether his point was valid.
  4. Instead, it merely suspended Kentucky from television and the tournament.
  5. This isn't merely a truce or lack of conflict.
  6. It's difficult to find merely in a sentence.
  7. Perhaps they merely confessed to each other the loneliness they felt.
  8. Merely escalating the severity of the punishment is rarely the answer.
  9. Was this merely a label or was it really a flag?
  10. Crafton said Jacks merely replied, " Yeah ."
  11. Bruno, after all, merely recommended his relatives for jobs.
  12. People can no longer be merely mistaken _ they are evil.
  13. Are Republicans cutting the federal budget or merely decreasing the increase?
  14. For him, creationism is merely religious belief by another name.
  15. To the networks, it's merely shuffling puzzle pieces.
  16. Sometimes deceit is merely that; sometimes it is surpassingly cruel.
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