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  1. In 1882 she joined Bartolomeo Merelli's traveling opera troup with whom she performed in Berlin ( 1882 ) and Prague ( 1883 ).
  2. A few seconds later, Tito Merelli returns to the hotel suite, also dressed as Othello, in a costume, wig, and blackface makeup.
  3. From 1829 to 1850, Merelli managed La Scala, initially in partnership with others, who included Domenico Barbaia, and then by himself from 1835.
  4. In Milan she first went to audition with the impresario Bartolomeo Merelli, but was so struck with fright that she could not produce any sound at all.
  5. The composer swore that he would never again speak to Merelli or his staff, nor would he ever set foot again on the stage of la Scala.
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  7. Maggie is a fan of Tito Merelli, and hopes to meet him ( and, she confesses to Max, she is romantically attracted to the famous opera singer ).
  8. After a chance meeting with Merelli close to La Scala, the impresario gave him a copy of Temistocle Solera's libretto which had been rejected by the composer Otto Nicolai.
  9. Following its failure, it is claimed Verdi vowed never to compose again, but in his " Sketch " he recounts how Merelli persuaded him to write a new opera.
  10. Merelli then offered to put on " Oberto " during the 1839 season and, after its premiere, " Oberto " was given a respectable 13 additional performances.
  11. In " An Autobiographical Sketch ", written in 1879, Verdi tells the story of how he came to be twice persuaded by Merelli to change his mind and to write the opera.
  12. When Donizetti arrived in Rome, carrying a letter of introduction from his teacher and mentor Johann Simon Mayr to poet and librettist Jacopo Ferretti, he secured his help in revising Merelli's text.
  13. For Donizetti, the result was a further commission and, using another of Merelli's librettos, this became the one-act, " Una follia " which was presented a month later.
  14. Bartolomeo Merelli, who ran La Scala, gave " Oberto " 14 performances in its first season and signed Verdi to write three more operas, the second of which became " Nabucco,"
  15. The Teatro alla Scala impresario Merelli insisted on using the " opera seria " singers previously assembled for Nicolai's opera, which had toured in Milan, thus contributing to the disaster experienced by Verdi.
  16. But Merelli would accept no refusal and he immediately stuffed the papers back into Verdi's pocket and " not only threw me out of his office, but slammed the door in my face and locked himself in ".
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