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  1. Unlike director Michael Cimino, Antonio Margheriti did not want to make a political film that was for or against the Vietnam War.
  2. In a career that spanned four decades and more than 50 films, Margheriti's work was often filled with blood and gore.
  3. ""'Indio " "'is a Italian action film starring Francesco Quinn and directed by Antonio Margheriti.
  4. Kier stated that he and the other cast members received direction only from Morrissey, and noted that he never saw Margheriti on the set.
  5. Cinematographer Riccardo Pallottini later died in a helicopter crash during the production of a later Margheriti Vietnam War film " Tiger Joe ".
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  7. Margheriti died Monday of a heart attack in Monterosi, near Rome, said the town's parish priest, the Rev . Leonardo Sterpa.
  8. According to Margheriti's friend Giacomo Furia, the character actor playing the Commissioner's assistant in the film also co-scripted it.
  9. Bryner and Margheriti planned on making another film about game hunters in Africa set during World War I, but the film was never entered production.
  10. Morrissey said Margheriti did however direct a very brief segment of the movie ( mostly the scenes involving the two children roaming around in the lab ).
  11. Margheriti had a tight schedule for filming, and shot the film using the same method as a television production by setting up four cameras at once.
  12. To finish the film on time, Margheriti brought in Sergio Corbucci to direct the scene where Giovanni Cingriglia's characters murders Steele's character.
  13. To look like an American made film, director Margheriti was billed as " Anthony Dawson " whilst Wandisa Guida was billed as " Wandisa Leigh ".
  14. Antonio Margheriti, an Italian film director who specialized in making science fiction, horror and adventure movies, dies of a heart attack in Monterosi, Italy.
  15. Margheriti would later comment that it was " stupid to remake it " and that " the color cinematography destroyed everything : the atmosphere, the tension ."
  16. This  truth ultimately saw De Margheriti become the entrepreneur and visionary for a group of profit and not for profit companies that have offices around the globe.
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