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  1. A far bolder and more powerful work is " Soft Construction With Boiled Beans : Premonition of Civil War " ( 1936 ), in which a Goya-inspired human monster rends its own body limb from limb.
  2. Anyone who resembles comic relief in a " Dukes of Hazzard " episode will be torn limb from limb by the media, because they're one of the demographics in America we can laugh at with impunity.
  3. An interview with Denis Healey proved to be one of his most embarrassing moments : " I mistakenly thought that he had become an amiable old buffer who would engage in amusing conversation, and he tore me limb from limb.
  4. Agathoclea with her sisters, and Oenanthe, who had taken refuge in a temple, were dragged out, and in a state of nakedness exposed to the fury of the multitude, who literally tore them limb from limb.
  5. After his mother's death and burial in Saint Denis Basilica near Paris ( 597 ), Clotaire II continued the struggle against rack and stretched for three days, then chained between four horses and eventually ripped limb from limb.
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