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  1. After all, cats play with mice, dogs tear prey limb from limb, and animals don't show much concern for animal rights that I can discern.
  2. Then they screamed, and their shrill cacophony drowned his music, and then their weapons found their mark, and he fell, and they tore him limb from limb.
  3. "It churns my insides to think that people get enjoyment out of seeing an animal torn limb from limb, " said Bill Etherington, a Labor member.
  4. Milosevic may conclude that, if there's a reasonable chance he won't be torn limb from limb by his compatriots, there's no place like home.
  5. "I don't really have feelings, " he intones flatly, threatening to tear Ray limb from limb if he doesn't pay off his debt.
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  7. The undead victims, who include Fritz, Dortmundt, Christine, the doctor, the grave digger, etc ., all attack the Baron and literally rip him limb from limb.
  8. We can imagine the ball springing off his bat and landing here among us, the antlike minions who will undoubtedly tear each other limb from limb to get a McGwire home run ball.
  9. I don't think we can dismiss this just because we can't imagine a two foot spider pouncing on the chicken and ripping it limb from limb with inch long fangs!
  10. Grendel, the green monster, would emerge from a lake late at night and attack Hrothgar's warriors, tearing men and women limb from limb and dragging their remains to the swamp.
  11. What he did not say of course was that, as Gehrig's record hove into view, any manager who benched him would have been sacked, or more probably torn limb from limb.
  12. The Nazi's own Delta guard, Kaptian Krieg, received the distress call, and came to put down what he thought was another Delta uprising, only to be torn limb from limb by Superior.
  13. Even as the Feds try to rip his company limb from limb, Gates was on the phone to FCC chairman William Kennard, demanding that the government force open AOL's sealed data protocols for instant messaging.
  14. Of course Boston would love to have him back, in order to tear him limb from limb or to hold him upside down and shake _ to see how much money falls out and just how dirty it is.
  15. His first film was the 1981 Chuck Norris vehicle " The Running Man " as a sadistic ice skating " stalker " named Subzero who " slices his enemies limb from limb into quivering, bloody sushi ".
  16. For a moment, it seemed as if the mob of Albanian refugees would literally tear the 7-year-old Gypsy boy apart, limb from limb, said three aid workers who saw the attack on Saturday night.
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