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  1. Again, there was no presence of trouble with the ligaments.
  2. It was a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.
  3. Defensive end Garin Veris tore a left knee ligament _ gone.
  4. Losing cornerback Jason Sehorn ( torn knee ligaments ) hurts tremendously.
  5. It's the enemy of joints, tendons and ligaments.
  6. It's difficult to find ligament in a sentence.
  7. Torn knee ligaments in 1996 sent him to the injured reserve.
  8. He may be out for the season with torn knee ligaments.
  9. As his new ligament grew stronger, so did his psyche.
  10. The anterior cruciate ligament controls the pivoting motion of the knee.
  11. Dallas'Benoit Hogue played with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.
  12. It's just pressing on a pain-sensitive ligament.
  13. Now he may be out for several weeks with ligament damage.
  14. Modano suffered a concussion, broken nose and strained neck ligaments.
  15. But if there are torn ligaments, you might have to.
  16. You increase the risk of straining muscles, tendons or ligaments.
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