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  1. The wrist contains eight bones, each connected by a ligament.
  2. Graham injured ligaments in his knee and could miss four weeks.
  3. Lake missed his second consecutive game with a sprained knee ligament.
  4. After the game, Renfro underwent surgery to repair torn ligaments.
  5. I stretched the medial collateral ligament and it feels very weak,
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  7. I tore a ligament in my left hand near the wrist.
  8. A fall in 1993 left her with a torn knee ligament.
  9. I had no idea what it meant to have torn ligaments.
  10. "I didn't know what torn ligaments meant.
  11. Then, a year ago, he tore a knee ligament.
  12. An arthroscopy revealed a slight tear of her posterior cruciate ligament.
  13. Chmura tore a torn posterior cruciate ligament during the second quarter.
  14. The medial collateral ligament tore from its connection point almost off.
  15. According to Parcells, Foley sprained his left medial collateral ligament.
  16. Moore, a defensive tackle, severed his anterior cruciate ligament.
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