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"lie in" meaning  "lie in" in Chinese  
  1. The Reds lie in ninth place, six points behind Arsenal.
  2. Its practical applications lie in batteries and electroplating, for example.
  3. My sister and I lie in the dark praying, too.
  4. But in my judgment, he did lie in this instance,
  5. The differences may lie in the details, methods and timing.
  6. It's difficult to find lie in in a sentence.
  7. Many lie in some of the most common, accessible places.
  8. Besides, part of the reward can lie in the learning.
  9. For them, the privilege appears to lie in their service.
  10. Early Tuesday, the constellation will lie in the northeastern sky.
  11. The Canadian team's strength will lie in its defense.
  12. Sarianidi contends that the culture's roots lie in Turkey.
  13. The key may lie in patterns of male-male relationships.
  14. His body will lie in state at Antigua's Parliament.
  15. Part of the control-problem may lie in the culture.
  16. The film's biggest strengths lie in its individual scenes.
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