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"lie in" meaning  "lie in" in Chinese  
  1. The answers lie in a detailed look at the recent past.
  2. Tens of thousands tons of ammunition also lie in military warehouses.
  3. But the witness said he had never lied in a courtroom.
  4. The wreck of the Republic can only lie in one place,
  5. How long can he lie in his bed unable to sleep?
  6. It's difficult to find lie in in a sentence.
  7. Any questions about where the emphasis might lie in this preseason?
  8. Our strength lie in the hearts and souls of our citizens.
  9. But the roots of the trends lie in shifting community attitudes.
  10. Larson said he had lied in other accounts of the killing.
  11. His remains lie in a crypt with those of his family.
  12. Birdies were as rare as a good lie in the rough.
  13. And I hope this damn cemetery can lie in peace now.
  14. Both their merits and their limitations lie in their unadorned simplicity.
  15. Today, both sides of this tacit agreement lie in tatters.
  16. From street to street, buildings lie in heaps of rubble.
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