lie in wait for in a sentence

"lie in wait for" meaning  "lie in wait for" in Chinese  
  1. Behind the British tabloid reports on the many horrors of Lahore that lie in wait for the innocent English-born bride of Pakistan's soccer-hero-turned-populist-politician Imran Khan, some Pakistanis see a transparent racism.
  2. The mainland press soon started printing stories where " the roads go through jungles and in those remote places bands of degenerate natives lie in wait for white women driving by ".
  3. He slipped across the frozen Tumen River that marks the border at 4 a . m . to avoid North Korean guards who lie in wait for people trying to slip away.
  4. Five white chickens-among hundreds on the states'borders-lie in wait for infected mosquitoes to bite, giving health officials the first indication the virus has migrated south ( as officials expect it to ).
  5. Thieves and murderers used the establishment to lie in wait for their victims, robbing the drunken revellers of their money, watches and valuables, often assaulting them in the process and occasionally murdering them.
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