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"lie in wait for" meaning  "lie in wait for" in Chinese  
  1. However, one must watch out, as both mutant fish and dastardly Pirate subs lie in wait for the unsuspecting.
  2. Firm and fast, undulating and scary, the slick Augusta greens lie in wait for the start of the tournament.
  3. Roads leading north and east peter out into nothing, and tribal fighters and renegades lie in wait for the foolhardy.
  4. They lie in wait for prey below the sand or other substrate, using their electricity to stun and capture it.
  5. Boa constrictors are ambush predators, so often lie in wait for an appropriate prey to come along, when they attack.
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  7. Both detectives then lie in wait for the safe burglar at the Festival Hall, and catch him in the act.
  8. A subcategory of attacks is the ambush, where infantrymen lie in wait for enemy forces before attacking at a vulnerable moment.
  9. These were small submarines equipped with enhanced hydrophones and designed to lie in wait for Soviet submarines off the Russian coast.
  10. The New Jerusalem Bible, however, retains " she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel ".
  11. She said police lie in wait for scofflaws in Central Park and along the Brooklyn Bridge, areas regularly frequented by recreational riders.
  12. The police learn which bank is next to be hit, and they lie in wait for the robbers, who take a hostage.
  13. At night, half submerged in a swamp, they lie in wait for prey, little more than their eyes visible above the water.
  14. It may have come from the Comanche word " tukamukaru ", which means to lie in wait for someone or something to approach.
  15. NEW YORK _ Scam artists lie in wait for unwary Internet auction bidders, but a few simple precautions offer a lot of protection.
  16. However, he warned that troops loyal to the Iraqi leader may have fallen back on Baghdad to lie in wait for coalition forces.
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