lie in wait for in a sentence

"lie in wait for" meaning  "lie in wait for" in Chinese  
  1. They lie in wait for the sun to set to find food.
  2. Uniformed guerrillas also dynamite the pipeline, then lie in wait for army patrols.
  3. Carter and York lie in wait for Novosty and his agents inside his cottage.
  4. Barracuda lie in wait for mullet, hovering like blue-gray torpedoes.
  5. Jumping spiders use their silk to build shelters, where they lie in wait for prey.
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  7. "But we don't lie in wait for these things,"
  8. One, under Burrough, headed to the Azores to lie in wait for Spanish and Portuguese ships.
  9. This meant that pirates usually had to lie in wait for the opportunity to capture anything.
  10. I lie in wait for you among leaves
  11. It is quite docile, preferring in its forest habitat to lie in wait for prey, herpetologists say.
  12. We lie in wait for the worst.
  13. Plenty of rewards lie in wait for audiences at " Hip 2 : Birth of the Boom ."
  14. In turn, the Unearthers stop digging and lie in wait for Carnac to resurface-prepared to fight against him.
  15. There the eggs hatch almost immediately into small planidial larvae and lie in wait for a visiting host.
  16. Stomp consciously avoids the intellectual shoals that so often lie in wait for those steering for those all-background havens.
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