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  1. Entire neighborhoods now lie in ruin.
  2. When the demolition dust settles and the cheers fade, another 1, 064 units of public housing will lie in ruins.
  3. Three separate investigations are now under way at the 40-acre site in Toulouse where the chemical works lie in ruin.
  4. Today, the homes have vanished, churches lie in ruins, and only one elderly farmer still lives as his people once did.
  5. Although most still lie in ruins, the Interior Ministry on Sunday said it has begun restoring a war-damaged juvenile prison in Grozny.
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  7. "It is about families displaced, having to watch their dreams lie in ruins, " said Douglas, who is also the foreign minister.
  8. In Tidjelabine, a town of 10, 000 near the quakes epicenter, Islah erected tents for 13 families whose homes lie in ruins.
  9. Hitler and his protectors make their way across Germany, a charred wasteland where Hitler's dreams of glory lie in ruins and ashes.
  10. But word of the lawsuit sparked dismay in Sullivan County, where many of the area's once vibrant hotels and resorts lie in ruins.
  11. While many of the village's traditional homesteads lie in ruins, a whitewashed thatched cottage can be found in the centre, opposite the Catholic church.
  12. Vast tracts of Kabul lie in ruins, the country's economy is in tatters and more than 2 million Afghans live as refugees, mostly in Pakistan.
  13. Most of the destruction during the war fell on the outgunned Muslim side, where Ottoman-era stone buildings lie in ruins and reconstruction has only just begun.
  14. Despite repeated promises to rebuild the damaged infrastructure and compensate the population for lost property, many areas still lie in ruins and few have received any money.
  15. Entire neighborhoods lie in ruins, mud and concrete houses pounded to dust by the vast number of rockets that have been fired by all sides in the conflict.
  16. Entire neighborhoods of the capital lie in ruins, hundreds of thousands of people have fled the city and at least 25, 000-- most of them civilians-- have been killed.
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