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  1. So last year, Lei, like millions of others across a region of China known as its granary, did the once unthinkable : he let half his family's cropland _ prime rice paddies _ lie idle.
  2. Until you do that ( it's not very hard, I don't know why you haven't already ) then it's not unreasonable that your complaint lie idle .-- 21 : 26, 6 October 2007 ( UTC)
  3. Sentiments thus inspired, and researches so conducted, were not allowed to lie idle; and accordingly, from 1802 to 1806, he was a contributor to the " Christian Magazine ", the pages of which he enriched with several valuable historical and biographical sketches.
  4. Losses in trade and shipping revenues, estimated at some $ 200 million, have had the most impact in the poorest countries, notably Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, where hundreds of barges lie idle and some shipping companies have laid off half their workers.
  5. "His opinion would be that we're simply giving up, letting lie idle a valuable tool in helping the United States get what it wants in this world, " said historian Larry Bland, curator at the George C . Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Va.
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  7. For years we have been going along using our ballparks three months in a year, only to see the property lie idle the other nine months . " He then stated that he would take the upcoming week to think over the proposal.
  8. While federal action is too late to save produce, grain and other goods rotting as nearly 200 ships lie idle off the West Coast, it may help restart those factories and also help salvage the important holiday shopping season for retailers eagerly awaiting the arrival of inventory from overseas.
  9. Despite Bakshi s performance and the generally successful advance of 71 Brigade, much of XXXIII Corps offensive power was allowed to lie idle far too long and Pakistani troops still held the major towns of the sector ( Rangpur, Saidpur, Dinajpur, Nator, Rajshahi ) when the cease-fire was announced.
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