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  1. The rails are padded and collapse when several levers are released.
  2. "We're not pulling the levers,"
  3. Pulling the lever on a slot machine strikes me as boring.
  4. Handle shapes include cross pattern, round knobs and lever grips.
  5. Trade isn't the right lever to use in China.
  6. It's difficult to find lever in a sentence.
  7. A nearby lever activated the two nylon propellers at the rear.
  8. In that sense, Lever House can stand for progress still.
  9. How and why did each side pull the levers they pulled.
  10. Lever, not knob, door handles and roll-out shelves
  11. The last lever on the government to act has been neutralized.
  12. -- Use lever doorknobs that don't require twisting.
  13. -- Install lever faucets that don't require twisting.
  14. Executives have lots of levers to pull to make their numbers.
  15. By using the " levers of government power,"
  16. The Lever association came in handy to rework the marketing mix.
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