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[ 'li:və, 'levə ] Pronunciation:   "lever" in a sentence   "lever" meaning
  • n.
    1.杆,杠。 a ball lever 浮球杆。 a brake lever 闸杆。 a control lever 控制杆。 a throttle lever 节流杆。 a timing lever 定时杆。
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  1. The front sledge could be steered by a lever on the front of the frame .
  2. Robert leaned lightly on the lever and the rock groaned .
  3. It was an old-fashioned lift, operated by a lever on a brass box .
  4. The power to control information is a major lever in the control of society .
  5. She pushed the handthrottle with all her strength, almost snapping the thin lever .

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