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  1. In 1914, the long-awaited Smith-Lever Act, which has been regarded as  one of the most striking educational measures ever adopted by any government,  finally was passed.
  2. After passage of the Smith-Lever Act, plans were put into effect to ensure the rapid growth of what then was known as woman s work, including the number of women agents.
  3. "' Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service "'was formally established in 1915 after the 1914 passing of the Smith-Lever Act and in conjunction with Texas A & M University.
  4. In addition, an amount no less than 6 % of the total Smith-Lever Act appropriation is appropriated for the extension programs of the " 1890 Land-grant colleges " ( historically black colleges ).
  5. In 1914, the Smith-Lever Act created a national Agricultural Extension Service, and in 1915 the Arkansas Legislature appropriated matching funds to secure the Smith-Lever federal funds to create the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.
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  7. He also supervised federal work and expenditures for co-operative extension work in agriculture and home economics throughout the United States under the Smith-Lever Act of 8 May 1914, together with investigations in home economics and agricultural education.
  8. The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 and the Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 provided funding to expand demonstration work in rural communities and to develop and teach a home economics curriculum on the campuses of most state land-grant colleges.
  9. By 1915, following of the Smith-Lever Act, which formally established Cooperative Extension work in Alabama and the rest of the nation, Duncan was serving as superintendent of Junior and Home Economics Extension in cooperation with the U . S . Department of Agriculture.
  10. Texas quickly took advantage of this new act, forming the Texas Agricultural Extension Service in June of the same year and associating it with Texas A . M . C . The Texas legislature formally accepted the provisions of the Smith-Lever Act on January 29, 1915.
  11. With passage of the Smith-Lever Act in May 1914, federal funding was established for the creation and support of agricultural extension institutions nationally, connected with the land-grant universities created under the Morrill Act, with the goal of providing instruction and improving farming methods.
  12. Tuskegee University ( formerly Tuskegee Institute ) is a largely privately funded institution in Alabama, which, because of its unique history, functions as a " de facto " land-grant university and has received Smith-Lever Act funds since 1972 to operate its own Cooperative Extension program.
  13. Impressed by the success, Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act on May 8, 1914, which gave states the ability to establish official extension agencies affiliated with their land-grant universities to help " extend " the research findings of the colleges and Experiment Stations in practical ways that helped the citizens in every county.
  14. In the United States, the Hatch Act of 1887 established a system of agricultural experiment stations in conjunction with each state's land-grant university, and the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 created a system of cooperative extension to be operated by those universities in order to inform people about current developments in agriculture, home economics, and related subjects.
  15. Their work was augmented by the addition of Extension agents with funding stemming from the Smith-Lever Act of 1914, fully extended to Alaska in 1929 . The Alaska legislature designated the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines, which eventually became the University of Alaska, as administrator of the Cooperative Extension Service work that would be provided by experts in agriculture and home economics.
  16. African-American farm and home demonstration agents pose for a group photograph under the Booker T . Washington monument at Tuskegee Institute, July 15, 1925 . Under the Smith-Lever Act, administrative oversight of Tuskegee s Extension program came under the direction of Duggar in 1915, though in a de facto sense, the program remained autonomous and under the direction of African-Americans.
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