lever act in a sentence

  1. The safety lever acts as a decocker when pushed downward.
  2. In 1887 Smith-Lever Act.
  3. In 1964 a US stamp was issued honoring homemakers for the 50th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act.
  4. The Smith Lever Act of 1914 created the modern system of agricultural extension agents sponsored by the state agricultural colleges.
  5. In 1964, a US stamp was issued honoring homemakers for the 50th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act.
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  7. Before the pistol can be fired, this lever must be squeezed; thus this lever acts as a safety.
  8. A : The name Cooperative Extension Service dates to 1914, when Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act establishing it.
  9. The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 then funded cooperative extension services in each state to teach agriculture, home economics, and other subjects to the public.
  10. Alabama formally accepted the provisions of the Smith-Lever Act in 1915, organizing the Alabama Extension Service under the direction of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn.
  11. The Smith Lever Act of 1914 started federal funding of cooperative extension, with the land-grant universities'agents being sent to virtually every county of every state.
  12. During World War I, Congress enacted the Food and Fuel Control Act ( also known as the " Lever Act " ) to promote food production for the war effort.
  13. The federal government combated high prices with the Lever Act and then the Sugar Equalization Board which had the authority to regulate the " price, production, and purchase of sugar ".
  14. As the 4-H club idea was spreading across the country, Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act . which created the Cooperative Extension Service in the United States Department of Agriculture.
  15. "' The Clean Plate Club "'was the beginning of a campaign first established in 1917 when the United States Congress passed the Food and Fuel Control Act or Lever Act.
  16. The organizational structure of these two colleges formed the basis for developing the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 that authorized federal funding of comprehensive Cooperative Extension programming by Land Grant Colleges and Universities nationwide.
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