lean back in a sentence

"lean back" meaning  "lean back" in Chinese  
  1. My muscles relax and I lean back feeling momentarily at peace with the world.
  2. The animal then leans back against a rock or sapling.
  3. She leans back in her chair to see the clock.
  4. The Austin mother leans back in her living room recliner.
  5. He leans back into the couch, but he isn't finished.
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  7. The stacked chairs appear to lean back and forth simultaneously.
  8. He could not lean back on his injured ankle and drive the outside pitch.
  9. You want to lean back, maybe put your feet up.
  10. Mulliken leans back and rests his head on a cabinet.
  11. One leans back in his office chair, his legs crossed.
  12. Another pause, and this time Snyder leans back and grins.
  13. Rockefeller leans back, and his feet come off the floor.
  14. Lean back on your right hand or elbow and forearm.
  15. "I lean back " became " Eileen back ."
  16. Weisman leans back, taking a swig of Diet Coke.
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