lean against in a sentence

"lean against" meaning  "lean against" in Chinese  
  1. A girl leans against her horse with an expression of dreamy satisfaction.
  2. They are trying to lean against inflation, but also against inflation expectations.
  3. Historic temples and modern constructions lean against and interleave each other here.
  4. Glass in hand, I lean against the dining room door and breathe.
  5. He is dwarfed by his assault rifle that leans against the wall.
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  7. An old black bicycle leans against the wall near the front door.
  8. A wooden baseball bat, still tagged as evidence, leans against the wall.
  9. If trees are nearby, lean against one to blend with the surroundings.
  10. She leans against the cool wall and breathes deep, trying to meditate.
  11. Eutaxia is depicted in her garments and leans against the left wall.
  12. The Reserve Bank can only lean against the wind from time to time.
  13. They learned what not to lean against during their 2 1-2 hour descent.
  14. Stacks of framed photos of Sharpton lean against the wall beside his desk.
  15. Its current glockenspiel leans against that of the Potsdam Garrison Church.
  16. She leans against a door through which someone has just departed.
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