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  1. In time, Cowichan knitters began to embellish sweaters using the Scottish settlers.
  2. Today, knitters primarily use readily available and inexpensive plastic or metal needles.
  3. Ironically, the knitters soon began to collect and use these charts themselves.
  4. As of December 2016, there are more than 300 Master Knitters worldwide.
  5. It has always been a home of basket knitters.
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  7. Knitter holds a degree in mechanical engineer from the Cracow University of Technology.
  8. But in the end, it's determination that helps a knitter finish.
  9. Mrs . Zimmermann began spending morning after morning with local knitters, exchanging tips.
  10. For knitters, Wool Works is a noncommercial online knitting compendium run by volunteers.
  11. Nowadays, however, the majority of knitters hold both needles under the palm.
  12. The knitter casts on an entirely white row.
  13. Each knitter has her own secrets and patterns.
  14. Each shawl presents a picture of the Universe the way the knitter imagines it.
  15. The Knitters propagated cowpunk or folk punk, which eventually evolved into alt country.
  16. The reach of the newspaper archives makes the service attractive to genealogists and knitters.
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