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  1. Knitters will also create custom patterns, often with no traditional associations.
  2. Some knitters may use knitting machines with varying degrees of automatic patterning.
  3. Knitters often enjoy watching when the picture created becomes visible.
  4. Knitters have also been snapping up hand-painted yarns in variegated colors.
  5. But it's not all rest and relaxation for some novice knitters.
  6. It's difficult to find knitter in a sentence.
  7. Stephanie Winland, 25, is another new knitter.
  8. The Knitters played their first gig at the Cathay.
  9. By 1845 there were 300 people employed as framework knitters in the village.
  10. The knitter then turns the work and repeats indefinitely.
  11. They also produced thousands of pattern books for the home knitter and crocheter.
  12. Examples from 19th century novels include Virginia Wolff's novels are knitters.
  13. Ravelry is an organizational tool for knitters and crocheters.
  14. Nonetheless, knitting machines and hand knitters worked side by side until 1800.
  15. John was a framework knitter from Coal Pit Lane.
  16. This is Knitter's analog of pure pluralism.
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