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  1. The manuscript was discovered in the 18th century by Franz Anton Knittel ( 1721 1792 ) in the Ducal Library of Wolfenb黷tel.
  2. Born in 1914, Gustav Knittel volunteered for the SS on 15 April 1933 and the Nazi Party on 1 May 1933.
  3. In May 1945 Knittel returned to his family in Neu-Ulm but soon decided to hide on a farm near Stuttgart.
  4. *Franz Anton Knittel, " Beytr鋑e zur Kritik 黚er Johannes Offenbarung ", Schr鰀er, Braunschweig und Hildensheim 1773.
  5. On 17 December a scouting party of Schnelle Gruppe Knittel murdered eleven African-American soldiers of the 333rd Artillery Battalion in W閞eth.
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  7. Knittel won the gold medal in the 2009 Rowing World Cup at Lucerne in the men's double sculls with Stephan Krueger.
  8. The company purchased land from the Knittel homestead and the W . F . Jones homestead for the platting of the original town site.
  9. Waffen-SS Kampfgruppe Knittel pass through the Kaiserbaracke crossroads on the road between Saint-Vith and Malmedy to support Peiper in Stavelot.
  10. The elements of Schnelle Gruppe Knittel on the western bank of the Ambl鑦e River were trapped between Stavelot, Coo and Trois-Ponts.
  11. The Ardennes Offensive ended for Knittel when airplanes from the American 9th Tactical Airforce bombed his command post near Vielsalm on 31 December 1944.
  12. Knittel studied sound engineering and composition with Tadeusz Baird, Andrzej Dobrowolski, Wlodzimierz Kotonski at the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.
  13. In the early morning of 25 December Knittel cleared his positions on the western bank of the Ambl鑦e River and withdrew his men to Wanne.
  14. Knittel worked as a car salesman for Opel in Ulm until health problems, including several cardiac arrests, forced him to retire in 1970.
  15. According to Franz Anton Knittel, Erasmus in his " Novum Instrumentum omne " did not incorporate the " Complutensian Polyglotta ".
  16. Guest stars have included Paulina Bisztyga, RafaB Dutkiewicz, Janusz IwaDski, Krzysztof Knittel, Ryszard Krynicki, Robert MakBowicz, Pablopavo and StanisBaw Sojka.
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