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  1. Knittel defended a traditional point of view in theology and was against the modern textual criticism.
  2. Knittel's drafts were partly based on prewar photographs which were taken by Annemarie Brenzinger.
  3. Franz Anton Knittel defended the traditional point of view in theology and was against the modern textual criticism.
  4. The abbey finally experienced a revival under abbot Benedikt Knittel ( in office from 1683 to 1732 ).
  5. A True Robber's Story from Napoleonic Times " ) was published in 1995 by Elke Knittel.
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  7. In the early 1970s he founded a cabaret group with Magda Umer, Krzysztof Knittel and Andrzej Wojciechowski.
  8. They beat Bastian Knittel and Marius Zay 6 1, 6 0 to capture the F2 title in Miskolc.
  9. CIT has more than 250 planes in its portfolio, of which about 70 percent are Boeing, Knittel said.
  10. SS Sturmbannf黨rer Knittel crossed the bridge at Stavelot around 19 : 00 against American forces trying to retake the town.
  11. Waffen-SS Kampfgruppe Knittel pass the Kaiserbaracke crossroads between Saint-Vith and Malmedy to support Peiper at Stavelot.
  12. On 18 December it became clear that Peiper made the best progress and Mohnke ordered Knittel to follow that battlegroup.
  13. Knittel was imprisoned in the CIC prison in Ulm and physically abused by his guards but Thomas denied this accusation.
  14. In March Knittel was transferred to Schw鋌isch Hall, where Peiper and the other suspects of the Malmedy Massacre were detained.
  15. The manuscript was examined by Franz Anton Knittel in 1773, Matthaei ( designated by X ), and Franz Delitsch.
  16. SS Oberf黨rer Mohnke ordered Schnellgruppe Knittel, which had been designated to follow Hansen, to instead move forward to support Peiper.
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