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  1. In 1953, she married Robert Knittel, an English publisher.
  2. Peiper and Knittel both faced the prospect of being cut off.
  3. Schnellgruppe Knittel was forced to disengage from the heights around Stavelot.
  4. Divisional commander Wilhelm Mohnke ordered Knittel to return to the Leibstandarte.
  5. One research paper documenting this phenomenon is Knittel and Stangel.
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  7. Gustav Knittel died on 30 June 1976 in Ulm hospital.
  8. Jeff Knittel, president of CIT Aerospace, said in a phone interview.
  9. Hichens recognized Knittel's talent and urged him to write in English.
  10. It was based on a novel by John Knittel.
  11. Knittel pressed forward towards La Gleize, and shortly afterward the Americans recaptured Stavelot.
  12. Knittel was released from Landsberg Prison on 7 December 1953 following a Christmas Amnesty.
  13. He became temporary commander of the Aufkl鋜ungsabteilung when both Knittel and Wawrzinek were wounded.
  14. Knittel joined up with Peiper and reported the Americans had recaptured Stavelot to their east.
  15. CIT Aerospace president Jeff Knittel said.
  16. Peiper ordered Knittel to retake Stavelot.
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