kill off meaning

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  • Verb: kill off  kil óf
    1. Kill en massé; kill on a large scale; kill many
      - exterminate

    Derived forms: kills off, killing off, killed off

    Type of: kill

  • [American slang]
    v. To kill or end completely; destroy. The factory dumped poisonous wastes into the river and killed off the fish. The president suggested a new law to Congress but many members of Congress were against the idea and they killed it off. Mother made Nancy practice her dancing an hour every day; Nancy got tired of dancing and that killed off her interest.


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  1. so i should suck up to them ?-a politician trying to kill off another
  2. a case could be made out that it's more human to kill off these wild kangaroos
  3. this should kill off the game, and chances may start to appear for you gain near the end
  4. this device kills off mosquitoes by emitting a sound at a frequency they can hardly bear
  5. the instantaneous release from an impact would potentially kill off species in a few thousand years

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