jump in a sentence

"jump" meaning  "jump" in Chinese  
  1. Pat could really jump, like a lot of black kids.
  2. I doubt that most employers will jump on this right away,
  3. If they jump bond, you have to go get them.
  4. Hunter Logan jumps out of the fire and into the pan.
  5. And here's where Arnsparger jumps in, veins protruding.
  6. It's difficult to find jump in a sentence.
  7. USC continued to miss its jump shots, challenged or otherwise.
  8. I decided I'd better jump over here ."
  9. So are her triple jumps, her consistency and her confidence.
  10. I just wanted to get some rhythm on my jump shot.
  11. Hanlon got a faster jump on his pro career than Goetz.
  12. It was like a seesaw when one person suddenly jumps off.
  13. I hope Wilson jumps off the board right into the pool.
  14. They know you're not going to jump right away.
  15. Only Riley was making jump shots, going 3 for 4.
  16. Sprint had no choice but to jump into the auction process.
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