jump aboard in a sentence

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  1. As she shrieked in pain, officers in a police cruiser chased the attacker, but he ran onto the subway, and it departed before they could jump aboard.
  2. _Active vacationers may want to jump aboard Contiki Holidays'14-day " Greek Island Hopping " tour, which features visits to Athens, Mykonos and Paros.
  3. It all made for some yuks and good publicity for Dairy Queen, which will no doubt jump aboard the Mavericks'bandwagon and declare it " Brazier Ball ."
  4. Duane Prescott managed to jump aboard the 400, 000-pound ( 180, 000-kilogram ) Union Pacific locomotive, then pushed and pulled every control he could find.
  5. Near Nampa, about 25 miles ( 40 kilometers ) west of Boise, Prescott tried twice to jump aboard, making it the second time after the locomotive had slowed considerably.
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