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  1. The longer the delay, the more time for star-studded investors to jump aboard the Mavericks'new ownership group.
  2. As the train approaches the tunnel, Gene jumps aboard, runs to the locomotive, and stops the train in time.
  3. The Bruins will jump aboard their charter flight to Pittsburgh following Friday's game and face the Penguins Saturday night at the Igloo.
  4. The last sighting of Sharkey was from a guard who noticed a  peculiar looking woman jump aboard a fast-moving street car.
  5. The Democratic president might not be ready to jump aboard the staunchly conservative senator's plan to save Social Security by investing the funds privately.
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  7. So agencies are stepping up efforts to clamber aboard band wagons before they begin rolling _ or at least jump aboard before they gain much momentum.
  8. Coaster fanatics who jump aboard can immortalize the moment : as they exit the ride, they discover their own screaming faces displayed on television monitors.
  9. At dawn, we would set off on a game walk through the thick brush, then jump aboard for a sail in the fresher easterly morning breeze.
  10. Rocky identifies the man as Roger Furness, who breaks away and jumps aboard a departing train, but falls to his own death on the third rail.
  11. He also used another old trick, leaking to traders and brokers that he was buying so they would jump aboard with their clients, boosting the stock further.
  12. K . G . A . Being friendly with your fellow employees does not mean that you have to toss your work aside and jump aboard the gossip bandwagon.
  13. Mercedes-Benz and Lexus already have keyless models, and as microprocessor companies like TRW gear up production of the systems, more car manufacturers will jump aboard.
  14. The Fairy Godfather jumps aboard the their carriage and declares that the story has ended happily for all before settling back to watch Cinderella and her Prince have sex.
  15. If a PATH train happens to have its doors open, jump aboard for the four-minute ride to the next stop, Exchange Place, in Jersey City.
  16. We could see little brown tails disappearing into our pant legs, but stopping to hop around did no good _ it just gave more leeches time to jump aboard.
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