jump aboard in a sentence

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  1. But it was going too fast _ 20 to 45 mph _ for them to jump aboard.
  2. Leela then jumps aboard the TARDIS despite the protests of the Doctor, initiating take-off.
  3. She was able to jump aboard the plane just as her ambulance exploded from an enemy shell.
  4. Eight lucky survivors climbed to the rigging of their sinking vessel in time to jump aboard the liner.
  5. Rail workers ran toward the engine several times to jump aboard but the train was moving too fast.
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  7. When Brian realizes Adcox has heard their exchange he jumps aboard Truck 46 after borrowing some turnout gear.
  8. Train journeys in Myanmar also feature hawkers who jump aboard with giant kettles of tea for thirsty passengers.
  9. Rail workers ran toward the engine several times to jump aboard, but the train was moving too fast.
  10. Many migrants are killed trying to jump aboard trains and ride them to the U . S . border.
  11. It was the wave of the future, and I either had to jump aboard or get left behind careerwise.
  12. Some fans just like to jump aboard a winner's bandwagon, and the Cowboys have a winning tradition.
  13. They apparently tried to jump aboard the electric commuter train, but six of them were struck and killed instantly.
  14. He told Grant, " I just thought I would jump aboard a boat and come down and see you.
  15. She boards a train to Palermo, and as the train pulls away, Sandro runs after it and jumps aboard.
  16. Asking a politician to jump aboard the Mariner bandwagon last offseason was like asking a naked jockey to mount a cactus horse.
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