jump aboard in a sentence

"jump aboard" in Chinese  
  1. Teen-agers watch religiously, and advertisers jump aboard.
  2. So jump aboard now, while it's picking up steam.
  3. The two Zooms grab Wally and jump aboard the treadmill.
  4. Everybody wants to jump aboard the next big wave.
  5. Now, it's perfectly understandable Lewis would jump aboard the Hyperion.
  6. It's difficult to find jump aboard in a sentence.
  7. Not that plenty of Democrats didn't jump aboard this gravy train.
  8. Miller reaches Ryan's boat, jumps aboard, and attacks Ryan.
  9. Now the WNBA encourages fans to " jump aboard " a growing bandwagon.
  10. When Ho slams the brakes, Cheung flees and jumps aboard to mini-bus.
  11. Other Democrats have been reluctant to jump aboard the Basha campaign for much the same reason.
  12. Tom finds Frankie, just as Frankie sails away from the pier, Tom jumps aboard.
  13. When the destroyer tries to ram the yacht, White jumps aboard and climbs its smokestack.
  14. Jake jumps aboard the ship and attacks the alien pilot, causing the ship to crash.
  15. But a misfit black border collie named Forrest Stump jumps aboard to beg a pet from guests.
  16. Sorry, folks, but I can't jump aboard the indignation bandwagon on this issue.
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