jumonville in a sentence

  1. The Jumonville-Memorial Technical Institute in New Roads is named in Jumonville's honor.
  2. The French and Indian War began on May 28, 1754 with the Battle of Jumonville Glen.
  3. Jumonville graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business.
  4. The Jumonville-Memorial Technical Institute, located in New Roads, is named for the late Ventress.
  5. On May 28, 1754, the French and Indian War began with the Battle of Jumonville Glen.
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  7. He inserted a clause into the surrender document that described Jumonville's death as an " assassination ".
  8. Washington treated Jumonville as a prisoner of war and extended him the customary courtesies due a captured military officer.
  9. In 1986, Jumonville ran for the United States Senate seat vacated by the retiring Russell B . Long.
  10. The killing of du Jumonville is considered to have been the first shot fired in the French and Indian War.
  11. Washington was alerted to Jumonville's presence by Tanacharison, and they joined forces to surround the Canadian camp.
  12. The Jumonville affair caused a scandal in Europe, where it accelerated the expansion of the Seven Years'War.
  13. In 1976, Jumonville succeeded his father, J . E . Jumonville Sr ., in the state Senate.
  14. In 1976, Jumonville succeeded his father, J . E . Jumonville Sr ., in the state Senate.
  15. French Officer Ensign de Jumonville and a third of his escort were killed by a British patrol led by George Washington.
  16. Jumonville was among the slain, although the exact circumstances of his death are a subject of historical controversy and debate.
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