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  1. Eventually, the moment of " checkmate " comes-when Jumonji confronts Ichi, only for Zatoichi to reveal the fishing float from the scene of the murder.
  2. A samurai performing " jumonji giri " was expected to bear his suffering quietly until he bleeds to death, passing away with his hands over his face.
  3. If Kelly was out, Rousseau would be the gold medalist, Erin Hartwell of Indianapolis the silver medalist and 20-year-old Takanobu Jumonji of Japan the bronze.
  4. South Korea's Ji Sung-hwan upstaged Japan's Olympic bronze medal winner Takanobu Jumonji to claim the opening race of the Asian Games track cycling program Monday.
  5. Jumonji, who covered the distance in 1 : 03.261 at the Atlanta Olympics, was well off that mark Monday, finishing in 1 : 07.011.
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