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  1. Jarid2 ( jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 2 ) is a protein coding gene that functions as a putative transcription factor.
  2. With this new type of spear ( known as jumonji-yari AS噀W [ 蚷 ), he founded the HMzMin-ryk.
  3. This gene encodes a zinc finger protein that contains a jumonji domain and may play a role in hormone-dependent transcriptional activation.
  4. Further down the ranks, No . 14 ranked maegashira Jumonji defeated thirteenth-ranked maegashira Kasuganishiki to stay perfect at 4-0.
  5. However, Ichi continues to " observe " Jumonji through their shogi games, with the latter having won two of their three games.
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  7. The two engage in a duel-with Zatoichi telling Otane to get Miki away from the carnage-and Ichi critically wounds Jumonji.
  8. Jumonji, who turned in a 1 : 03.261 at the Atlanta Olympics, could make only 1 : 07.011 Monday.
  9. No . 2-ranked Jumonji forced out No . 4 ranked Kuniazuma, or Brazilian Vander Ramos, leaving both wrestlers at 5-5.
  10. Jumonji gave fan favorite Takamisakari a reality check when he butted heads with the No . 7 maegashira before shoving him out to his fourth loss.
  11. No . 2-ranked Jumonji forced out No . 3-ranked Sentoryu, American Henry Armstrong Miller, leaving both wrestlers at 4-5.
  12. Kasugao, No . 13 maegashira, appeared likely to drop out of the tournament after hobbling off with a foot injury during his loss to Jumonji.
  13. Both the Saegusa and Jumonji are members of the master clan, forcing Mayumi and Katsuto to be politically involved with the magic community outside of school.
  14. No . 13 Kasugao injured his toe in a loss to Jumonji and forfeited Wednesday's bout against Tokitenku to give both wrestlers a 2-2 record.
  15. Ozeki Tochiazuma disposed of No . 2 maegashira Iwakiyama while Mongolian Kyokushuzan, a No . 10 maegashira, muscled out eleventh-ranked jumonji in an earlier bout.
  16. Katsuto is the next head for the Jumonji clan and inherited the clans barrier magic, Phalanx; an impenetrable and perpetual barrier used for defensive and offensive purposes.
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