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  1. Another startling point to consider is the fact that most of Jumong's most trusted subjects were exiled or resigned.
  2. However, this claim may be proven counteracted with the fact that not all of Jumong's subjects were removed.
  3. Overall, the fact that Jumong died five months after the arrival of Yuri caused the suspicion of these select historians.
  4. Jumong died at the age of 40, which is quite early compared to that of some of his successors and predecessors.
  5. Jumong had left his son Divine King Dongmyeong, and had two more sons with So Seo-no, Onjo and Biryu.
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  7. Jumong and Yuhwa were gods from Goguryeo, but Koenegitto, Grandmother Seolmundae, Koeulla, Puella and Yangeul were from Jeju island.
  8. From the egg hatched a baby boy, who was named Jumong, meaning " skilled archer " in the ancient Buyeo language.
  9. He attempted numerous times to destroy Jumong when he was an egg, but later gave up, as the egg was indestructible.
  10. In 37 BC, Jumong became the first king of Goguryeo and reunited all of the five tribes of Jolbon into one kingdom.
  11. The " Samguk Sagi " and " Samgungnyusa " paint additional detail and names Jumong's mother as Yuhwa.
  12. In 37 BCE, Jumong became the first king of Goguryeo, and reunited all of the five tribes of Jolbon into one kingdom.
  13. Jumong continues battling against Han China to consolidate his realm, and dies at age 40 after passing the crown of Goguryeo to Yuri.
  14. Meanwhile, a mudang, or shaman, said; " The fortress shall be safe, for Jumong is in a pleasant mood ."
  15. According to the " Samgungnyusa ", Jumong changed his surname to " Go " ( ) in conscious reflection of his divine parentage.
  16. In this series, Jumong is portrayed as a tyrant, who could not accept sharing the power over Goguryeo with Soseono and the Jolbon faction.
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